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What Is Email Marketing And Validation?

Email validation and marketing plays a vital role in the corporate world. The number of people using emails is predicted to grow 4.3 billion by 2022. McKinsey states that email is about 40 times more effective than other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business expand their customer base, and as per Direct Marketing Association, Email marketing has ROI of about 4,300%.

Email marketing is a form of advertising where promotional emails are sent to all the emails present in the database. It has gained great importance in the current time and is one of the most trendy forms of advertising. 

But the condition is that there should be a valid and error-free database of emails that do exist, otherwise all the efforts are in vain. To validate the emails present in the database the procedure of email validation is followed. Through this process, you can also confirm if the domain is trustworthy or not. 

How To Keep Your Email Addresses Database Clean?

Email lists should be kept clean regularly with the help of email validation services, which will help you with finding old, discarded or incorrect email addresses and eliminate them before your next promotional scheme. Keep a track of uninterested and unengaged subscribers so that the risk of spam complaints can be reduced.

Why Is Email Validation Necessary?

If you send emails to a wrong, invalid or inexistent email address, your promotional mails or campaigns will directly start reaching the spam folders of the recipients. Your reputation as a sender recedes, which deteriorates your deliverability. 

With email validation, spam complaints can be minimised. Because ethically, for every 5000 emails sent, not more than 5 should be reported as spam. Blacklisting can also be avoided. Being blacklisted stops your messages from being delivered to potentially interested people.

When Does The Need To Validate Email Address Arise?

Email validation is not an activity that occurs daily. It is advised to go through the process under the following conditions:

  • If new recipients have been added to the campaign.
  • It has been more than a month since you last did it.
  • The open rates of the emails are low.

How to achieve proper email validation?

Follow the steps mentioned below to achieve proper email validation:

  1. The first step is syntax validation.
  2. Then look out for disposable emails. Disposable emails are temporary email addresses that work only for a limited period of time.
  3. Examine obvious typing errors – Misspellings, letter omission, etc.
  4. Then the next step is to look up DNS.
  5. The last one would be to ping the email box.

What Are Some Ways Of Initiating Email Validation?

While composing emails, it is observed that people can get lazy and make unintentional typos, giving them the option of automatic completion of their email domain (, This makes the process a whole less tiring and thus reduces the risk of receiving invalid email addresses. Giving the option of double opt-in forms in your email options is a good way to validate email addresses.

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