PDF files are one of the most popular file types in the world today. They are a digital replication of documents and can be created, edited, and printed using Adobe’s Acrobat software. The document will retain its original formatting, layout, and images. PDF’s make it easy to share information, collaborate on projects, and keep your work safe from the risk of data loss or exposure. And while they might seem complicated at first glance, PDF Merge is an incredibly simple tool that can do all the heavy-lifting for you. Read on for a few steps to help your combine PDF files into one single file with ease.

What is PDF Merge?

PDF Merge or Combiner is a software package that will take multiple PDF files and merge them into one single PDF document. The merged file will have all the content of the other PDFs but will be combined together in one easy-to-read document. You can also add watermarks to PDFs as well as remove pages from a single PDF to make it more manageable. You can also combine multiple images, like JPG, GIF, and PNG files into a single PDF document.

How to Batch Merge Multiple PDF Files Into One File

Combining PDF files can be a tedious job. In order to combine multiple files you need to open each file and merge them one-by-one. Thankfully, PDF Combiner makes this process quick and simple. Here are three easy steps to help you batch merge multiple PDF files into one single file with ease.

  1. Install PDF Merge by uploading the program onto your computer or downloading it through your browser’s download window.
  1. Open up the program and drag all of the individual files you want to merge onto the screen – they will automatically start merging once they appear on screen.
  1. Once all of your files are uploaded, select “Batch Combine” from the top left corner of your screen and click “Start.” This will open up a new window prompting you for a location where you would like to save your merged file, as well as giving you options for adding an additional password protection if desired (this is recommended). When prompted, click “Combine,” type in a name for the newly combined document, and click “OK.” The newly created document will now be saved in that location with the name entered in step 3 above.

Combining multiple PDF files into one single document is important for a couple of reasons. First, it saves you time and effort when you need to move or share documents. Sharing information becomes easier with a single file that can be shared via email, uploaded to the web, or passed around the office. And second, combining documents protects your content from external threats while also saving storage space on your computer. If you combine PDFs into one document using an app like PDF Merge, then only people with that password will be able to open it.


Creating a PDF file is not hard, but it can be a time-consuming process. If you have a lot of PDFs that you need to merge into one file, the PDF Merge is the tool for you. Just select the PDF files that you need to merge and click on “Merge Files.” It will take just a few seconds for the PDF Merge to combine all your files into one!

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