There are different ways to do preventive maintenance on computers. This action can be accomplished through upgrades, cleanup, software, etc. See more (ดูเพิ่มเติม which is the term in Thai) of the checklist for verification. Follow up!

Remove Excess Dust

Dust is responsible for preventing the computer’s ventilation system from working correctly and causing parts to heat up. To take the cover off your case and work with the internal components, you must have previous knowledge regarding the maintenance of PCs. It is recommended that the internal cleaning be done every three months, removing the case cover and eliminating dust from the main components: processor, memory, HD, Video Card, Motherboard, Source, etc. If possible, do this dry cleaning using compressed air to avoid oxidation problems.

Replace Processor Thermal Paste

This paste, which gets old over time, has the role of cooling the processor and needs to be changed to increase its useful life.

Defrag The Disk

Defragmentation increases the efficiency with which your computer’s hard drive accesses data, which can increase its performance. Using this tool saves the files in a disordered way, scattered across the disk. Defragmentation gathers this data, making it easier to read and increasing performance.

Check Virus

Some viruses consume the computer’s memory and processor while the user is using the machine, causing sudden drops in performance. To avoid this type of situation, in addition to keeping your antivirus updated, do daily scans.

Update The Components

There are cases in which the machine has become too old to run the newest versions of the software, and it is necessary to buy new components to handle all the processing.

Clean Up Files

The lack of disk memory can cause problems with the functioning of some programs and the operating system, which needs to manage memory.

Organize The Cables

Take advantage that the machine is open and organize the internal cables. Few people know, but the clutter of cables inside the cabinet can increase temperature and reduce the life of the machine. To avoid this, check if they obstruct the air intakes of the case or the air outlets of the fans.


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