Tools have already been developed from digital agency Thailand that make it possible to trace the customer’s profile who buys online. Systems assess user traffic or cities, which sales flow is not being explored, and the index of visitors who complete the purchase through online stores.

Knowing the consumer’s profile is one of the main rules for designing sales strategies for micro and small businesses. And entrepreneurs can count on technological innovations to keep an eye on their customers, knowing their preferences.

Many companies are investing in technologies that can profile their consumers according to past shopping and search behavior. These surveys allow you to quantify visits, which products he sees, or even his purchase history.

Currently, several tools are available on the market that leads to indicators to analyze the consumer and the success of e-commerce.

Know Some Of Them:

  • Audience analysis (% of website visitors, what is the source of traffic and city of users);
  • conversion rate (the rate of people who buy on the site, who didn’t, and why they didn’t);
  • conversion funnel (finds out which part of the sales stream is losing consumers);
  • technical analysis (if the website is compatible with the operational websites); and
  • website user usability (what content users consume on the website).

To obtain these indicators, the tools that can be used are:

  • Google Analytics,
  • Catalyst website,
  • Core metrics, and
  • Web trends.

The Study Reveals Online Consumer Profiles.

Research on education, family income, age group, and other factors allows us to know more about these consumers. Knowing a little more about the online consumer profile is essential to search for sales strategies.

In terms of education, it appears that the lowest percentage of purchases is for people with primary education with 3%, while those with complete higher education represent 32%. Consumers with a graduate degree add up to 20%, secondary education 22%, and incomplete higher education 23%.

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