The mobile developer profession brings with it a very high demand for flexibility, productivity, and creativity. It’s no wonder that these professionals usually have a lot of autonomy to work on projects — they need to put themselves in the user’s shoes, understand their demands and think of efficient solutions for each problem.

In addition, we are talking about work usually carried out in teams and, in most cases, in direct contact with the end-user (customer). Therefore, the developer must be communicative and transparent when exposing their ideas. Check HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10

Many companies form separate development and testing teams, for example. In this scenario, both must know how to align their goals for the work to be cooperative. After all, the function of the so-called Software Tester is not to negatively criticize the application but to indicate what needs to be fixed and opportunities for improvement.

Another critical point is knowledge of the English language. A developer does not necessarily need to be fluent in English, but most methods, tools, and concepts use terms in that language. Consequently, you will need to expand your vocabulary.

In practice, what we can observe is that most professionals in the area tend to assume software development as an incentive for learning. After all, it is much easier to know another language when we use it daily in our activities.

Now that we have established the profile of this professional let’s go to the details related to their technical qualification.

As you can see, the market is open and tends to grow even more in the coming years. The search for qualified professionals does not cease, as the dispute is fierce and the profiles sought are increasingly specific. So, be sure to invest in your technical training and become a successful application developer!

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